Hcobb's New Spells for TFT

All page references are to The Fantasy Trip In the Labyrinth rulebook, unless noted otherwise.

A collection of my own musings, not to be taken too seriously. -HJC

IQ 11 Spells -pg 21

Heal(S) Prerequisites: Physicker or Vet or equivalent talents (depending on the subject) The wizard pays 5 fatigue then spends one minute (12 turns) in casting while in physical contact (hands or staff) with the still living target. During and after a successful casting the target suffers no further damage from blood loss. At the end of the minute the wizard rolls and on a success the target recovers one hit of damage. Each subject can only benefit from the result of the Heal or Greater Heal spell cast in the past 24 hours with the greatest absolute value. I.e. a roll of 3 on a heal spell would heal 3 hits and also negate the 3 hits inflicted on the target by a previous roll of 18 on a Heal spell within the last day, but a roll of 4 at that time would have no effect. This spell doesn't regrow missing parts. See the Regeneration spell on page 30 for that.

IQ 12 Spells -pg 23

Create Ice works exactly like Create Wall except that each level is one IQ higher than the same number of Create Wall hexes. The ice lasts until it evaporates (at the same rate normal ice would melt), but is much more brittle. Six points of damage from any attack will shatter through a hex of Ice. Casting Fire on an Ice hex (or vice versa) cancels out to a fog that counts as Shadow, but only lasts three turns. There are legends of an evil sorceress queen able to cast this spell freely who reigns alone in a castle made of ice above the frozen city that rejected her, but I sure she's much nicer than that. A useful spell if you're harvesting organs from dragons and gargoyles in the field and need to preserve them as this spell can be cast into empty containers if needed.

IQ14 Spells -pg 27

Greater Heal(S) Prerequisites: Master Physicker/Vet or equivalent talents. exactly like Heal except that the fatigue cost is 10 and the subject regains 1d hits instead of 1 hit. As with Heal only the single most effective spell result in the past 24 hours applies, no matter how many times the target is injured.

Enchanted Tattoo

A living subject's own skin can be put under any enchantment that doesn't require a specific base item or the solid ground. (I.e. you will need to enchant the higher level of Slippery Floor and forget about Pentagram or Staff. Though there are wizards who glue actual powerstones to their foreheads.)

Add one die to all enchantment rolls if the enchanter doesn't have the Master Tattoo Artist mundane skill (3 skill points for heroes, but doubled to 6 for wizards of course). Add another die if the enchanter doesn't have the one point Tattoo Artist mundane skill either (doubled to two for wizards, but included in Master). Each tattoo covers about the same area as the subject's handprint.

The subject's skin then counts as a magic item for Detect Magic, etc. and the rule of five applies. I.e. no more than five enchanted tattoos (double the cost for each additional tattoo) and no more than four other magic items.

Each tattoo is subject to individual disenchantment or destruction and each rolls as a ring against destruction when the subject figure is struck by magical lightning.

Conceal is only effective if you cover up the tattoo with clothing.

Corpses (or skeletons) may be tattooed with the Zombie Ring (or other) enchantment before or after the Zombie spell is cast on them.

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