Labyrinth Alchemist

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  1. Labyrinth Alchemist
  2. Non-wizard Apprentices
  3. Writing scrolls from books

Labyrinth Alchemist

A hero with the Literacy, Sorcerers' Tongue, and Alchemist talents is called a Labyrinth Alchemist and she has the following extra abilities that are usually reserved for wizards.

She can maintain an alchemist's chest with the same costs and procedures as the Wizard's Chest(ITL 142).

She can cast spells from Books and Scrolls(ITL 141) the same as a wizard.

She can learn and use the following otherwise wizards-only spells (for three IQ points cost each, as usual) Weapon/Armor Enchantment, Write Scroll, Lesser Magic Item Creation, and Greater Magic Item Creation.

Non-wizard Apprentices

A hero who knows the Aid spell and Sorcerers' Tongue can work as an apprentice to wizard or Labyrinth Alchemist. Knowing the language makes up for a lack of training in the procedures.

Writing scrolls from books

The Write Scroll spell can be cast using a spellbook containing the proper spell instead of the caster's memorization of the spell. This requires the wizard's or Labyrinth Alchemist's chest or lab and the daily rolls are DX -2 for casting from books. If the book contains any errors these will be copied over to the scroll, ensuring failure.

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