Wee Folk in TFT

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A collection of my own musings, not to be taken too seriously. -HJC

A Wee Folk or fairy character uses the same stats as an elf, but at a different scale.

A Fairy character stats with ST 6, DX 10, IQ 8 and 8 extra points. They have a MA of 12 on the ground and 24 flying. But all of this is at their own wee scale.

One fairy scale megahex is equal to a normal hex in human scale and hazards are scaled to match. A fairy fights a rat, household cat or slime as a human would fight a cat, wolf or Goo.

When fairies move around at human scale divide their MA by three and they do not engage (or be engaged by) humans. The reach of their tiny arms means they must enter a human's hex to attack with wielded weapons.

A normal scale foe fights grounded fairies as if they were small cats and flying faries as if they were dragonets, but all damage done to a fairy with a normal scale attack is tripled before considering armor or magical protections.

Fairies fight normal scale humans as if they were giants and all damage they inflict with their fairy scale weapons is divided by three, before considering the human's armor. However it is easier for them to target weak spots so ignore flying penalities when fairies make aimed shots against normal scale foes in their own hex.

Human magic affects faries normally, but fairy magic is at tripled cost (for thrown spells, just as a human wizard casting a spell on a giant) or a third normal damage against normal scale foes. A fairy wizard would need to Aid three ST to increase a human stat by one and a fairy Master Physicker could only heal one hit on a human when using her kit.

For most items divide weight by ten when converting from fairy to normal scale. So a fairy weighs their fairy scale ST (6 to 12) in pounds in normal scale and a typical adult human weighs 1500 pounds in fairy scale. Multiple fairies can combine their efforts to lift a small human child, but carrying a human knight in plate armor requires a great deal of coordination, possibly by spacing faries out along a rope.

Cat People

A Cat person starts with ST 9, DX 10, IQ 8 and 5 extra points. They have a MA of 42 (14 in human scale) and are at -3 DX to hit on all fours and their fur stops two Wee scale hits. Their MA is halved when standing on their hind feet and they lose the defensive bonus, but gain the use of their hands. Their claws do plus 2 damage with their bare hands and feet and in HTH they can do a foot attack against the same foe as they do a HTH hand attack for the same DX and damage roll. Their racial mundane talent is Acute Hearing. Naturalists can distinguish them from ordinary housecats on a 3/IQ roll, if the talking, spellcasting, and tiny crossbows don't give them away first. Apply the Wee Folk scaling as above.


These "magically uplifted" Lynxes are at an intermediate scale. In their own scale they are ST 10, DX 12, IQ 8 with two extra points. Their claws and fangs add +2 to their barehanded damage and their fur stops two hits. They have MA 14 in their own scale, which is doubled when they drop to all fours. They have the racial mundane talents of Acute Hearing and Silent Movement. They can use their claws instead of proper lockpicking tools at -2 DX.

In human scale double all damage against the Lynxlings (before armor), halve their MA and damage from their attacks, and attacks against them are at -2 DX when the Lynxlings are on all fours.

In Fairy scale the Lynxlings take 2/3rd damage and inflict 50% more damage.

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