Hcobb's fixes for the TFT adventures

All page references are to The Fantasy Trip In the Labyrinth(ITL) rulebook or the adventure in question, unless noted otherwise.

These are my notes for how to fix mistakes introduced into the published adventures. In each case I have attempted to apply the actual rules of TFT without disturbing the balance of each adventure. The result is that the adventures play as printed, but remove the rules breaks that could be taken as precedents that could be used in other places to wreak the game setting. These notes include incidental spoilers, so do not read if you are intending to play in rather than GM these adventures.-HJC


  1. Fire in the Temple
  2. Tomb of the Wizard-King

Fire in the Temple

TFT Adventure: Fire in the Temple

Guard Room -pg 3

Problems: How do they keep watch at night?

Fixes: Three of the Redcap Arquebusiers have the Acute Hearing talent instead of a hammer and take turns on guard duty here.

Knives -pg 4

Problems: What are the the listed Knives?

Fixes: Any mention of Knife as a weapon is an alternative name (ITL 111) for Dagger. Note that the Redcap Gunners lack the Knife talent and do more damage with dirty brawling so they only use their knives for eating.

Storehouse -pg 6

Poblems: The Redcaps have four listed lit lanterns and likely have at least one more lit. This gives them a consumption of 60 quarts of oil a day (by ITL 67), but no supply of oil.

Fixes: Add a 10 gallon barrel of oil and a half-dozen Molotails without fuses here to refill the lanterns. This is a week's supply using my fix for lantern oil consumption.

Tamar Ratsbane -pg 9

Problems: The Redcaps don't have enough Master Mechanicians to build all of their guns.

Fixes: Give Tamar the Master Mechanician talent so she can produce guns alongside Delgado.

Tomb of the Wizard-King

Liches -pg 2

Problems: Once the players discover how to create liches that have a thousand apprentices of daily ST the game will be vastly changed. There is no need for this in the game (none of the other regenerators recover fatigue this quickly) and it adds nothing to this adventure. For example if Kalinore knew the Zombie spell then he could make a ST 35 zombie every five minutes, or 288 zombies each day. If each zombie lasts an average of 30 days then he would have an army of 8640 zombies and would crush every city on Cidri in turn.

Fixes: Just use my Lich house rules.

Balinoth -pg 4

Problems: Gem of Levitation is non-standard and poorly defined.

Fixes: His robe is a 1-hex Flying Carpet which is just enough to levitate the hundred pounds of himself (which is missing some body parts) and his gear. He also has the Flight Expertise talent. As long as he stands still or only moves one hex this negates the -4 for attacking or being attacked by a flying creature.

Kalinore -pg 11

In line with my Lich rules, Kalinore is actually in two parts:

Kalinore's haunted staff: ST - DX 12 IQ 20 Mana 40 MA 0
Occult Strike: 1d+2 at +3 DX
All of the listed talents and spells plus Zombie, Telekinesis(usually on the staff itself), Restore Device, and Drain ST(directly into Mana).

Kalinore's zombified skeleton: ST 16 DX 12 (10 when not wielding the staff) IQ - MA 10
Mundane staff strike: 1d+3
Wears standard Zombie and Iron Flesh rings.

He can recover lost hit points at any time (up to maximum ST 16, due to living ST of 8) by casting Zombie again for a cost of five plus the amount to fix, but as a skeleton any hit of 8 damage past his Iron Flesh will shatter the skeleton, requiring a 24 point Restore Device casting to fix before Zombie could be cast again.

Kalinore usually depends on his skeleton immunity to missile attacks to protect against Lightning spells (one additional die on rolls to hit), but will pay the cost of Reverse Missiles if pressed.

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