Mowlthi describes wizardry

In this part of the story the goblin Mowlthi responds to a 12-year-old human girl's request to be trained as a Jedi, er wizard:

"You're too old to become a wizard."

"How is this the one thing I'm not too young for?"

"How do you stand up?"

"What does that have to do with it? I've got legs and I stand on the ground."

"You can stand because you are aware of the physical world around you. Your senses let you react automatically for sloping ground, gusts of wind and everything else."

"Don't you do the same when you walk around?"

"When I was six they broke my soul. There will always be a fracture right down the middle. Only half of me is here with you in this physical world and it will always be twice as difficult for me to learn mundane skills because half of my attention is always in a far different place balancing not against physical ground and winds but instead against the local flow of mana."

"Can't you at least teach me spells?"

"I can, but it will be very very difficult for you. I will have to teach you to go through the same exact motions, say the same exact things, think the same exact thoughts over and over and over again, because you will never hear the echoes of your own soul against the local mana field."

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