Dragon Safari: An adventure for TFT

About the game

This is an online programmed adventure for TFT. In order to play this game you must agree to accept cookies from this site onto your browser. The cookies I set will only be used to support your status in your game. By continuing you agree to accept these cookies.

Creating a character

This is an adventure for a specialized role of character called a Prospector. In order to simplify the adventure I will assume that your character is a beginning human hero. The role of a Prospector requires the Animal Handler(pg. 37), Literacy(pg. 36) and Woodsman(pg. 41) talents.

As you can see in the rulebook this set of talents requires a minimum IQ stat of 11 and can benefit from higher IQ. However the higher your starting IQ the less points you have remaining for DX and ST which are also important.

Please select the starting IQ rating for your character:


All page references are to The Fantasy Trip In the Labyrinth rulebook, unless noted otherwise.

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