TFT Scrolls Suck

All page references are to The Fantasy Trip In the Labyrinth rulebook, unless noted otherwise.

A collection of my own musings, not to be taken too seriously. -HJC

TFT Scrolls are overpriced and under performing. Scrolls require two hands, an extra turn, a casting roll and strength from a wizard. Here are some alternative items that do the same jobs easier.

Item / ScrollItem costScroll cost
Sleeping Potion Gas Bomb(ITL 146) / Megahex Sleep scroll$775$900
Dark Vision potion(ITL 147) / Dark Vision scroll$500$350
Fireproofing potion(ITL 147) / Fireproofing scroll$250$625
Flight potion(ITL 147) / Flight scroll$1,200$625
Invisibility potion(ITL 147) / Invisibility scroll$1,500$550
Pyrotic Ability potion(ITL 147) / Fire scroll$500$350
Speed potion(ITL 147) / Speed Movement scroll$1,000$400
Telekinesis potion(ITL 147) / Telekinesis scroll$500$625
Telepathy potion(ITL 147) / Telepathy scroll$1,500$700
Water Breathing potion(ITL 148) / Fresh Air scroll$500$700
Slow Movement arrow (ITL 150) / Slow Movement scroll$501$300
Drop Weapon arrow (ITL 150) / Drop Weapon scroll$501$300
Light item (ITL 150) / Light scroll$500$300
Lock item (ITL 150) / Lock/Knock scroll$500$400
Dazzle Gem (ITL 150) / Dazzle scroll$250$400
Summon Wolf Gem (ITL 150) / Summon Wolf scroll$500$350

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