The problem with potions in TFT

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A collection of my own musings, not to be taken too seriously. -HJC

Healing potions can't exist in TFT because nobody can afford to make them.

Healing potion calculation:

Cost/wk Item Notes
$100 Base pay for a Healer(ITL 58) "Superior"(ITL 16) Healer: ST 8, DX 15, IQ 14 (Cheaper than an Alchemist)
$100 Danger pay bonus(ITL 64) Gets blown up on a roll of 17 or 18, not just 18.
$50 Cost of living for the Healer Note that is in addition to the base salary(ITL 57)
$150 Rent for Alchemist laboratory (ITL 145) Would cost $10,000 to build it
$50 Materials for Alchemist laboratory (ITL 145)
$1070 Common materials for ten healing potions (10 * $107 by ITL 147)
$64.75 Average explosion damage (ITL 145) 1d * $1000 * 1.85% chance
$19.43 Average explosion healing (ITL 145) 2d * $150 * 1.85% chance (Assuming somebody is selling healing potions for $150 each)

$1,604 Total costs

-$1,431 Ten potions sold a week for $150 each (ITL 147) On a roll of 15 or less, 95.37% of the time

$173 Average loss each week

The same sort of in depth calculation shows that other potions (and the magic items that depend on them) can't exist.

So when the PCs travel to the Wizard's Guild they'll be greeted only by an "Out Of Business" sign.

Youth Potions are a great way to make money

Let us setup a lab to produce exactly one batch of potions.

Cost Item Notes
$3,000 20 weeks pay for a Alchemist(ITL 58) "Superior"(ITL 16) Alchemist: ST 8, DX 15, IQ 14
$3,000 Danger pay bonus(ITL 64) She won't be blown up, but let's be generous.
$3,000 Cost of living for the Alchemist She lives like a princess(ITL 57)
$10,000 Buy an Alchemist laboratory As above nobody can afford to use them so should be available.
$1,000 20 weeks materials for Alchemist laboratory (ITL 145)
$120,000 Materials for ten Youth potions (10 * (4*$2k + $4k) by ITL 148)
$100,000 A plus two Charm (ITL 152) Assumes that the potions needed are somehow made...

-$240,000 Total costs

$364,547 Ten potions sold for $40,000 each (ITL 147) Need to avoid an 18, twenty times in a row, 91.1% of the time

$124,547 Average profit on the first batch

$234,547 Average profit on each following batch

Unfortunately these profits are entirely theoretical, because nobody has ever returned from a Dragon Safari with even a single dragon heart.

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